We offer a range of specialized environmental software development and technical consulting services to serve the needs of both fisheries managers and scientists. Let us help you achieve the results that you’re after.

Multi-Species Individual Based Population Models

Eurasian ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernuus)

We can custom develop a model for your needs or make modifications to an existing model.

We worked as part of a multi-organizational consortium to assess the potential impacts of invasive Eurasian ruffe on several native Great Lakes fish species. Our work involved the development of an individual-based bioenergetics model for ruffe, yellow perch, walleye, and their prey derived from the Oneida Lake individual-based bioenergetics model originated by Dr. Kenneth Rose.

We recently completed a project working with scientists from NOAA, Eureka Aquatic Research, and USGS to develop an individual-based bioenergetics food web model to study the impact of invasive bigheaded carp species in the Illinois River and the effectiveness of varying control efforts.

Current projects include: (1) working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Quantitative Fisheries Center at Michigan State University to refine their model for optimizing salmonid stocking in Lake Michigan and (2) leveraging our Illinois River model to predict the impact of invasive bigheaded and grass carp on native species in the Maumee River and western basin of Lake Erie.

Mobile Applications

Let us create a mobile application for you to engage the public in your efforts.

We worked with resources at Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan State University, and the Michigan Department of Natural resources to design, develop, and deploy an app for anglers to self-report catch data for Great Lakes species including fin clips and other hatchery markings.

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General Technology Consulting

We can help resolve any existing technical problems that you may have with software, hosting, or infrastructure.

We have resources who specialize in both hard wired and wireless network design and deployment, cloud hosting optimization, and hardware procurement and installation.

Let us help you find the right solution.

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